Why Smart Home Owners Have Better Backyards

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Summer is finally here, and your customers will want to spend more time outside. Fortunately for them, their broadband is protected by secure weatherproof enclosures that enable them to get the most out of their yard. Whether your customers want their yard to be an entertainment hub or a retreat from the busy world, smart […]

Smart Homes and the Dark Web

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You set up your customers’ smart homes with every safety protocol in place, and secure their wired network in high-quality enclosures.  How do you ensure their smart home is protected beyond the physical boundaries of their house? Simple. Send them to the dark web. The dark web is part of the deep web, and your […]

Data Security and the Smart Home

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Are your customers concerned about the security of their smart home? High-profile events such as the recent WannaCry Ransomware attacks get people thinking about the safety of their personal data. Those who live in smart homes – or are considering buying smart products — may be worried about the potential security threat. Their concerns are […]

What Broadband Everywhere Means for the Smart Home

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Your customers appreciate the money they save with their smart thermostat and smart lights. They feel safer knowing their smart security system will alert them on their phone if anything comes up. And they get a lot of use out of their smart home theater. All of this thanks to high-speed broadband, quality equipment, and […]

A (Virtual) Reality Check for the Connected Home

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Your customers are always looking for new ways to enhance their home life with technology. Once they have high-speed broadband and a media distribution enclosure, they’ll want to know what’s coming next for their connected home. On the near horizon is a whole new experience: a Virtual or Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a […]

The Home Builder’s Guide to Smart Homes

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Primex is pleased to announce the latest in a series of ebooks ‘The Home Builders’ Guide to Smart Homes’. This ebook is packed with interesting and insightful articles that home builders need to know about integrating smart technologies into their builds. Download today!

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Telco Trends: Artificial Intelligence in the Smart Home

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Many of your customers are using some smart home features and connected home entertainment systems housed in a high-quality network enclosure. They may also be among the millions of North Americans who have purchased an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant in the last couple of years. AI technology is in a phase of rapid development, particularly […]

Broadband Survival in a Saturated Market

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As a cable installer, you’ve probably seen changes over the course of your career. Maybe you started installing copper and now you’re working with fiber optic cable. Maybe you now install a wider range of services and equipment than you used to. The housings and enclosures you use have greatly improved and are made from […]

How Smart Home as a Service Acts Like a Digital Butler

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You’re in charge of installing a homeowner’s most important broadband service – internet access. Next thing likely to top their must-have lists is Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS). With SHaaS, the network cabling, connectors and enclosures provide the gateway to managing their lives, so they’ll want the very best. Why SHaaS? Your customers want […]

Holiday Wearables Need the Gift of Super Fast Broadband

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With the holidays approaching, your customers—and maybe you—are going to be shopping for the latest in wearable technology. There are so many exciting new gadgets available – and all of them need a high-speed broadband network to function. Let’s take look at what your customers might be buying. If the number of devices on the […]

Why Software-Defined Networks Matter to the Internet of Things

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Are you prepared for the future? Knowing what Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) are should be tops on your get-ready list. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is just starting, and as the adoption of its technologies accelerates, networks need to be flexible and fast. Broadband installers need to prepare network infrastructure with 40- to 100-Gb fiber […]

A Cable Installer’s Guide to NAS Devices

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By now most of your customers have a horror story about that time they lost all their data. If it hasn’t happened to them personally, they probably know someone who has. With more of our lives moving into the digital realm, secure file management is becoming a household issue and customers are looking for help. […]

Telco Trends: Getting Smarter and Richer with Integration

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As providers of the network infrastructure, telecommunications companies have always been a critical component of smart technology. And they have always had a wealth of data. But strategic integration provides telcos with the opportunity to be more involved in smart technology and to acquire access to rich customer data. Integration is the number one trend […]

What is the Internet of Things?

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Many people are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) as if it were the greatest thing to ever happen to the planet, but what is it exactly? The term was first used in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a director at the Auto-ID Center at MIT. He was describing how the world of computers up […]

Choosing a cable management system that blends with home moldings

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In a perfect world, all buildings had a structured wiring network installed while construction was underway. This way, all cabling could be hidden within walls, floors and ceilings. Unfortunately, most older buildings lack structured wiring and, even newer smart homes continue to need some cabling installed after construction is complete. Why does this happen? Sometimes […]

How to choose a fiber enclosure for outside plant installations

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As fiber networks evolve broadband installers are ­faced with a larger number of potential equipment options. There are several types of fiber networks including point-to-point (P2P), active and passive, all with different requirements. So, when it comes to outside plant installations (OSP) they need a full range of enclosures that are flexible, durable and weatherproof. […]

PR2300 Media Distribution Enclosure

Managing fiber to the home with adaptable style

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Fiber to the home is now becoming widespread and not just to new builds. Installers are demanding fiber management that can also deal with legacy copper cabling in existing buildings where retrofits can be particularly challenging. They need enclosures that are adaptable to various situations but don’t need lengthy installations. Listening to these market demands, […]

cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

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So where is this “cloud” everyone is talking about and how does it affect our day-to-day lives? Simply put: the cloud refers to the Internet storing data for us and allowing us to run applications remotely. In the past our computers were autonomous, stored their data locally, and ran all their programs from the local […]


How to get the most out of a hybrid network

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Way back, around the turn of the century, smart homes began to appear. They were wired with Cat5 cabling, which could be used for phones lines as well as 100 Mbps computer networking. For many of us, this new technology was unaffordable – especially with the cost of adding wiring to existing construction. Predictably, WiFi […]

What Installers Need to Know About Smart Home Hubs

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The term ‘smart home’ has been around for a while now. Initially, it described a residence that was wired throughout and connected to the Internet. Now, the word ‘smart’ in smart home implies some kind of remote control, most likely from – take a guess – a smart phone. For installers, this is an opportunity […]

primex P3000 media distribution enclosure

Tips for Tidy Wire Management

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Many installers agree that structured wiring using the home run method is the best solution for networking homes and businesses. It involves using dedicated cable runs from a central panel to each distribution point. But, with so much cabling coming to an end at a central location there is potential for a huge mess of […]


More structured wiring options: Daisy chain with WiFi networking

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Part two of structured wiring options for home and business connectivity In our last post we described the ‘home run’ or ‘star wiring’ method of installing a structured wiring network in a home or business. Other common methods include WiFi networking and daisy chain wiring. Over the years many home and small business networks have […]


What exactly is home run wiring?

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  Part one of structured wiring options for home and business connectivity  Family homes, as well as businesses, are now requiring better network solutions for ever-increasing demands for data. As a start, a whole-house network can greatly benefit from an efficient structured wiring plan. What is structured wiring? Structured wiring refers to a system that […]