Fiber Marker Clips

Dimensions: Optimized for Corning® 2mm fiber.

The Primex Fiber Marker Clips provide clear identification and strain relief for splitter sourced fiber within cross-connect cabinets.

Sold individually or as a complete 14 color Splitter Identifier Kit (125-1450), snap on easily and securely while protecting bend radius for industry-standard 2mm fiber.

Also included in the kit or available separately is the identification label and the Special Services Cover which attaches to the clips and identifies an essential dedicated line for emergency services.


• Custom designed to securely hold and identify industry-leading 2mm fiber.
• 14 colors to clearly identify splitter within splitter/cross-connect cabinets.
• Sold individually or as a kit to identify and/or protect fiber and order as needed.
• Graduated angle to protect fiber bend radius and ensure long term strain relief.
• Special Services Cover provides additional key emergency services fiber identification within a cabinet.


125-1450: Splitter Identifier Kit
125-1430: Fiber Marker Clip – Blue; 32 pieces
125-1431: Fiber Marker Clip – Orange; 32 pieces
125-1432: Fiber Marker Clip – Green; 32 pieces
125-1433: Fiber Marker Clip – Brown; 32 pieces
125-1434: Fiber Marker Clip – Slate; 32 pieces
125-1435: Fiber Marker Clip – White; 32 pieces
125-1436: Fiber Marker Clip – Red; 32 pieces
125-1437: Fiber Marker Clip – Black; 32 pieces
125-1438: Fiber Marker Clip – Yellow; 32 pieces
125-1439: Fiber Marker Clip – Violet; 32 pieces
125-1440: Fiber Marker Clip – Rose; 32 pieces
125-1441: Fiber Marker Clip – Aqua; 32 pieces
125-1442: Fiber Marker Clip – Dark Blue; 32 pieces
125-1443: Fiber Marker Clip – Dark Green; 32 pieces
125-1444: Special Services Cover – Dark Red; 32 pieces
125-1446: Splitter Identification Label, 10/pack