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Primex specializes in enclosures. So we also specialize in the full range of support products our clients need. For example, we have designed and built stackable fiber spools that make it easy to store fiber slack. They are created with a 3-inch radius so that fiber can be easily spooled without the risk of breakage from bending.

From grommets, to locking mechanisms, to surge protectors, you can get just about every accessory you need for your enclosure installations. All designed and built to Primex’s proven standards. We also have splice boxes, connector mounting brackets and other smart, durable accessories. Trust Primex to have everything you’ll need to get the job completed properly.

Fiber Multi-Port

Dimensions: 1-8 fibers, 2mm-4.3mm

The Primex Fiber Multi-Port is an easy-to-install lay-in grommet that seals out dust and rodents from enclosures. Ideal for multiple drops from either a splitter or splice, the Multi-Port runs from 1-8 fibers between 2mm – 4.3mm. Pre-connectorized cable can be placed into the enclosure without having to worry about the connector fitting through the grommet. It also allows […]

fiber multi-link

FBD – Duplex Adapter Fiber Bracket

The Primex Duplex Adapter Fiber Brackets help store and manage up to 24 fibers in an enclosure for FTTH applications. This series of rigid brackets optimize fiber adapter placement within Wave enclosures. They are quickly and easily installed for effective fiber connections.

Spider Spool Fiber Optic Cable Management

Dimensions: Height: 0.5”/Diameter: 4.8” to 6.8”

The Primex Spider Spool is designed to route, manage and store fiber. It provides cable bend radius protection to maintain proper optical integrity of fiber routed around the spool. It accommodates fiber diameters up to 3mm. Two arm size options and the ability to stack units provide scalability and flexibility for a range of applications. […]

spider spool fiber optic

Hurricane Clip

Dimensions: H:2.2”/W: 4.5”/D: 1.8”

The Primex Hurricane Clip is a durable, multi-purpose accessory that provides quick, secure installation and management of drop cable. The clip is easily flush-mounted on any Primex fiber or structured wiring enclosure, and adaptable to a range of other applications. It can securely hold up to 30’ of standard fiber drop cable with a transition […]

hurricane clip - fiber enclosure