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Keeping it tidy

Cable, cable everywhere. How can your installers keep it all under control? We make it easy with our cable clamps and cable tie mounts. The carefully thought-out design and construction of our clamps allows them to be installed outdoors. What’s more, they work perfectly with our weather and heat-resistant plastic housings. Our clamps are also highly durable, and UV stabilized. This means that they’ll retain their memory for many years. No other enclosure company offers their customers such a simple but effective product.

Our cable tie mounts are equally unique. By making cable locking clips out of durable plastic, we make installation and wire management much easier. Again, no other enclosure manufacturer provides these simple but important accessories in plastic.

Electrical Kit

The Primex Electrical Installation Kit is an all-in-one package that neatly fits into the Primex P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300 Media Distribution Enclosures. Conveniently packaged, the kit features a gang box, outlet, faceplate, connector and 4 conduit adapters for the knockouts on Primex MDE’s.

Electrical Installation Kit

RFoG Mounting System

Dimensions: H 7”/W 7.7”/D 2.56”

The Primex Verge RFoG (ONU) Mounting System is a compact, secure solution for protecting the RFoG component within a Primex enclosure. Designed to fit industry-standard RFoG’s, the snap lid and screws safely limit access to fiber and coax connections while storing fiber splices and slack.

Fiber Transition Outlet (FTO)

Dimensions: Inside H: 4.5”/W: 5.3”/D: 1.1”

The Primex Fiber Transition Outlet (FTO) is a quicksplice solution that manages up to 3’ of fiber drop cable. This scalable, adaptable enclosure offers flexible entry ports, two fusion splice holders, and room for two fiber adapters with buffer tube management.

Fiber Transition Outlet (FTO)

Fiber Transition Case (FTC)

Dimensions: H: 4.8”/W: 2.8”/D: 0.7”

The Primex Fiber Transition Case (FTC) is an efficient and adaptable solution for storing up to 3’ of fiber drop cable and a simplex connector. The FTC is ideal for test points, Fiber-to-the-desk, and repair splices. In the footprint of a standard wall outlet, this enclosure offers splice holders on each side and an optional external adapter mount for tight-space […]

Fiber Transition Case (FTC) - open

Cable Reducers

Dimensions: Fits both 3/4” and 1/2” conduit

The Primex Reducers for Media Distribution Enclosures allow for secure conduit placement within an installation. Two reducer sizes provide both 3/4” and1/2” conduit home runs back to the structured wiring enclosure. Fits models: P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300

Cable Reducers

Fiber Multi-Port

Dimensions: 1-8 fibers, 2mm-4.3mm

The Primex Fiber Multi-Port is an easy-to-install lay-in grommet that seals out dust and rodents from enclosures. Ideal for multiple drops from either a splitter or splice, the Multi-Port runs from 1-8 fibers between 2mm – 4.3mm. Pre-connectorized cable can be placed into the enclosure without having to worry about the connector fitting through the grommet. It also allows […]

fiber multi-link

Fiber Marker Clips

Dimensions: Optimized for Corning® 2mm fiber.

The Primex Fiber Marker Clips provide clear identification and strain relief for splitter sourced fiber within cross-connect cabinets. Sold individually or as a complete 14 color Splitter Identifier Kit (125-1450), snap on easily and securely while protecting bend radius for industry-standard 2mm fiber. Also included in the kit or available separately is the identification label and the Special Services Cover […]

Hurricane Clip

Dimensions: H:2.2”/W: 4.5”/D: 1.8”

The Primex Hurricane Clip is a durable, multi-purpose accessory that provides quick, secure installation and management of drop cable. The clip is easily flush-mounted on any Primex fiber or structured wiring enclosure, and adaptable to a range of other applications. It can securely hold up to 30’ of standard fiber drop cable with a transition […]

hurricane clip - fiber enclosure

Spider Spool Fiber Optic Cable Management

Dimensions: Height: 0.5”/Diameter: 4.8” to 6.8”

The Primex Spider Spool is designed to route, manage and store fiber. It provides cable bend radius protection to maintain proper optical integrity of fiber routed around the spool. It accommodates fiber diameters up to 3mm. Two arm size options and the ability to stack units provide scalability and flexibility for a range of applications. […]

spider spool fiber optic

Verge Raceway

Dimensions: widths - 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”; 2 lengths - 48”, 72” long

The Primex Verge Raceway™ is a lightweight, easy-to-install and aesthetically-pleasing cable management solution that pairs well with the Primex PR2300 Media Distribution Enclosure. Made from durable vinyl, the Verge Raceway™ is available in three convenient sizes (1/2”, 1”, 1.5”). Multiple accessories available for a tidy cable run. Simply affix the base to the wall, press […]

Cable Ties

Dimensions: Sizes: 4”, 8”, 11” lengths

Primex cable ties are made of durable nylon and provide secure and long-lasting cable management. Available in three sizes and two colours, these zipstyle ties offer between 80 and 220N tensile strength and are ideal for organizing Cat5e/Cat6 cabling. Pair with Primex enclosures for efficient cable management of all home networking cabling.