A (Virtual) Reality Check for the Connected Home

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Your customers are always looking for new ways to enhance their home life with technology. Once they have high-speed broadband and a media distribution enclosure, they’ll want to know what’s coming next for their connected home. On the near horizon is a whole new experience: a Virtual or Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a […]

Fiber Marker Clips

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Primex is pleased to announce new Fiber Marker Clips. The Primex Fiber Marker Clips provide clear identification and strain relief for splitter sourced fiber within cross-connect cabinets. Sold individually or as a complete 14 color Splitter Identifier Kit (125-1450), snap on easily and securely while protecting bend radius for industry-standard 2mm fiber. Also included in the […]

Net neutrality still up for debate

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Trends in entertainment like the rise of Netflix and Spotify, and the increasing popularity of the smart home mean that broadband internet is integral to your customers’ daily lives. Not only is the home network and media enclosure a vital part of family life, but the debate around net neutrality is relevant to more people […]

The Home Builder’s Guide to Smart Homes

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Primex is pleased to announce the latest in a series of ebooks ‘The Home Builders’ Guide to Smart Homes’. This ebook is packed with interesting and insightful articles that home builders need to know about integrating smart technologies into their builds. Download today!