Data Security and the Smart Home

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Are your customers concerned about the security of their smart home? High-profile events such as the recent WannaCry Ransomware attacks get people thinking about the safety of their personal data. Those who live in smart homes – or are considering buying smart products — may be worried about the potential security threat. Their concerns are […]

What Broadband Everywhere Means for the Smart Home

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Your customers appreciate the money they save with their smart thermostat and smart lights. They feel safer knowing their smart security system will alert them on their phone if anything comes up. And they get a lot of use out of their smart home theater. All of this thanks to high-speed broadband, quality equipment, and […]

RFoG Mounting System

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Primex is pleased to announce new RFoG Mounting System. The Primex Verge RFoG (ONU) Mounting System is a compact, secure solution for protecting the RFoG component within a Primex MDE enclosure. Designed to fit industry-standard RFoG’s, the snap lid and screws safely limit access to fiber and coax connections while storing fiber splices […]