FBD – Duplex Adapter Fiber Bracket

The Primex Duplex Adapter Fiber Brackets help store and manage up to 24 fibers in an enclosure for FTTH applications.
This series of rigid brackets optimize fiber adapter placement within Wave enclosures. They are quickly and easily installed for effective fiber connections.


  • Up to 12 duplex adapters in one bracket for scalable and efficient fiber connection.
  • Fits standard SC connectors for versatile installations.
  • Fits standard mounting hole pattern for universal installation.
  • Durable PVC for secure adapter placement.



125-0100: FB3, Double fiber bracket, 3 adapters

125-0614: FB6, Double fiber bracket, 6 adapters

125-1202: FB12, Double fiber bracket, 12 adapters (3×4)

125-1203: FB12, Double fiber bracket, 12 adapters (2×6)