Hurricane Clip

Dimensions: H:2.2”/W: 4.5”/D: 1.8”

The Primex Hurricane Clip is a durable, multi-purpose accessory that provides quick, secure installation and management of drop cable.

The clip is easily flush-mounted on any Primex fiber or structured wiring enclosure, and adaptable to a range of other applications.

It can securely hold up to 30’ of standard fiber drop cable with a transition point for the fiber.


  • Mounting hole pattern provides quick and easy installation.
  • Securely holds 30’ of hardened drop cable.*
  • Break off tabs provide a smaller footprint within the box.
  • Easily flush-mounted against enclosure walls to maximize workable space.
  • Adaptable to a range of applications.
  • Available in PVC for outdoor or ABS for indoor applications.


125-0237 Grey PVC fiber clip
125-0239 White ABS fiber clip