Oversize Wall Plates

Dimensions: SIZE: 3.1”W x 4.9”H

The Primex Single-Gang Oversize Wall Plates for Cat5e, Cat6 and SC/APC jacks offer application scalability in a small footprint.

Easily installed, these jacks are quick-swappable from one to four ports. Compatible with standard Cat5e, Cat6 and SC/APC keystones, they offer scalable access to high-speed data on the premises.

Pair them with Primex keystones for a complete wall plate solution.



• 1-4 port options for fitting standard Cat5e, Cat6 and/or SC/APC keystones.
• Single-gang faceplate houses multiple ports in an oversize footprint.
• Pairs with Cat5e, Cat6 and SC/APC keystones.
• Classic white.
• Includes two mounting screws.


125-1241-WT Oversize wall plate, 1-port, glossy
125-1236-WT Oversize wall plate, 2-port, glossy
125-1242-WT Oversize wall plate, 3-port, glossy
125-1243-WT Oversize wall plate, 4-port, glossy
125-1244-WT Oversize wall plate, 6-port, glossy
125-1288-WT Oversize wall plate, 2-port, w/Cat6 & Coax, glossy
125-1237-WT Oversize wall plate, 2-port, w/Cat6 & Coax, textured