P1000FSC – Fiber Splice and Connect

Dimensions: H 13.6”/W 11.5”/D 5.1”

The Primex P1000MFSC is a compact one to 12 fiber outside plant enclosure ideal splicing and connecting Single or Multi Family unit (SFU/MDU) applications.
The Fiber Transition Outlet (FTO) or splice tray offer secure fiber splice management that protects the fiber bend radius. Hurricane Fiber Clips and fiber cradles effectively route and store cable.
Includes snap lock and override for secure access.


• Compact, low profile design provides simple fiber splice and connect point for SFU or small business applications.
• Integrated Fiber Transition Outlet (FTO) or splice tray for splicing, storing and connecting one to six fibers.
• Hurricane Fiber Clips and fiber cradles for secure fiber management.
• Snap lock and locking override provides secure service provider access 24/7.
• High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection in demanding weather conditions.
• Two robust half-inch ports with rubber grommets for protected fiber entry and exit.
• External wall and pole mounting brackets that eliminate the need to drill through the box and allow for quick and easy deployment.
• UL-listed and industry-standardized for easy implementation.


Part Number Part Name Description
125-0810 P1000FSC-TG6SA P1000FSC, w/3 SC/APC duplex adapters, gasket, override lock, PVC
125-0890 P1000FSC-TG12SA P1000FSC, w/6 SC/APC duplex adapters, gasket, override lock, PVC
125-0901 P1000FSC-TG1SU P1000FSC, w/FTO 1 SC/UPC simplex adapter, gasket, override lock, PVC