P1000MFSC – Fiber Splice and Connect

Dimensions: H 13.5”/W 11.2”/D 3”

The Primex P1000MFSC is a compact one to 12 fiber outside plant enclosure ideal splicing and connecting Single or Multi Family Unit (SFU/MDU) applications.
The internal Fiber Transition Case (FTC) offers secure fiber splice management that protects the fiber bend radius.
Includes snap locks and hex bolt for secure access.


• Compact, low profile design provides simple fiber splice and connect point for SFU or small business applications.
• Integrated Fiber Transition Tray (FTT) or splice tray for splicing, storing and connecting one to six fibers.
• Hurricane Fiber Clips and fiber cradles for secure fiber management.
• Snap lock and available hex bolt provides secure service provider access 24/7.
• High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection in demanding weather conditions.
• Two robust half-inch ports with rubber grommets for protected fiber entry and exit.
• External wall and pole mounting brackets that eliminate the need to drill through the box and allow for quick and easy deployment.
• UL-listed and industry-standardized for easy implementation.


Part Number Part Name Description
125-1344 P1000MFSC-BG1SA P1000MFSC, w/1 SC/APC simplex adapter in FTC, gasket, hex bolt, PVC
125-1345 P1000MFSC-BG6SA P1000MFSC, w/3 SC/APC duplex adapters, gasket, hex bolt, PVC